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Pablo Paillole & Aisling Ward

Single-channel video with sound

Insanitary Ramblings is the product of a collaboration between two interdisciplinary artists: Aisling Ward and Pablo Paillole; an audiovisual installation that juxtaposes archival and newly-shot footage of Nottingham to explore the Midlander’s identity.

The soundscape plays a key role, weaving together the words of former factory workers and inhabitants of St Ann’s ‘slums’ prior to their demolition with present-day testimonies of post-pandemic struggles, whilst also being critical of the racial tensions found within the archive.

Pablo and Aisling’s audiovisual practices connect due to their interest in archival media to explore identity and heritage. Working collaboratively towards this experimental work has been a method of peer-support throughout lockdown to counteract the pandemic’s detrimental effect on creativity and artistic production. Throughout this period of collaboration, they have both been able to share resources, research methodologies and production techniques in order to learn from each other. As artists and researchers, it has become even more obvious that they need each other to overcome obstacles and evolve as creative practitioners. 

Special thanks to the BBC archives for their continued collaboration with this project, exhibited in BACKLIT Gallery (Nottingham, UK) from the 11th June to the 4th July 2021.

Commissioned by Backlit Gallery.

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